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Investment Management

An Investment Management Team You Can Trust​

As an independent advisory firm, we have a wide variety of investment options to choose from to fit your life stage, time horizon, risk tolerance, income level and overall financial picture. 

One key area of investment management is understanding how investments will impact your taxes. Our team will work along side your accountant to ensure you understand and are prepared for the role your investments will play in the tax process.

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Investment Management Services

The investment world is vast, and it can feel like the cards are stacked against you. 

We are committed to finding investments and investment companies that focus on you, the investor, by keeping costs low and transparent, having a clear investment philosophy and process, and being disciplined to stick to that process. 

We try to avoid or completely eliminate transaction costs in order to have the flexibility and freedom to build, change, or maintain the portfolio without incurring any additional expenses and seek to avoid any conflicts of interest.

We are not market timers or “hot stock” pickers, but having the flexibility to choose the right investments and change when necessary without incurring any additional cost or receiving any incentives is important.

Before recommending any specific investments, we want to understand your goals and expectations in order to make sure we are on the same page moving forward.  We are not product driven, nor do we favor one investment firm over another. 

Do you prefer low cost index funds, or ETFs (exchange traded funds)?  Do you prefer a more “active” approach?  Do you have some specific companies or funds that you want included in your portfolio? 

Do you prefer socially responsible, or faith-based investments? 

We’ll do our best to cater the investments to accomplish your objectives.  Open and regular communication is important in any relationship, and it holds true for us and our clients as well.  

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